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    Lydia Bowers

    Organizational Psychology Nerd, Master's Student, Lover of Pad Thai and Pit Bulls

    Lydia Bower is a graduate student, HR professional, entrepreneur, writer, speaker and trainer.


    In short, she wears a lot of hats and they all come back to eating, sleeping and breathing people strategy.


    She is the founder of DearPeopleOps.com, a brand that believes in the power of human resources to create amazing workplace cultures and give employees the tools they need to succeed in their careers.


    In addition, she is a contributing author at The Muse, an advisor to the workplace conflict coaching Startup Bravely, and a human resources master’s student at Cornell University.


    Learn more about Lydia on on her personal website. Oh, and her dog is darn cute too @thenewsonhuey.

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