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November Resource Roundup

Our suggestions from around the web.

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Dear People Ops Readers,

This week I wanted to do something a little different. While I want to believe I'm all the resource you could ever need, I know that's not true. So let me share with you some of my favorite resources focused on HR, tech, professional development, kicking butt, etc, from around the web. Do you have a resource you swear by? Comment below!

Tech Ladies Facebook Group (

I'm an only child, but with this group I feel like I have a hundred big sisters. In the past week women have asked about negotiating a salary offer, going back to school, learning to code in your 40's, and fighting workplace harassment. Posts average 10-50+ comments, so you know you'll get the advice you need from a community of kick-as** supportive women.

AngelList (

I've had a profile on AngelList for years, primarily to check their early stage startup job board. But recently they've started to send me a weekly newsletter full of helpful tech news, jobs and top products of the week. Streamlined AND informative, I'm a fan!

Culture IQ on Twitter (

One of the best resources on twitter for HR and culture articles, news and insights. Features daily tips to improve your office culture via #culturetips. A great resource to feel inspired with new ideas everyday.

Harvard Business Review (

Pick one industry publication that you commit to reading monthly. Mine? Harvard Business Review. And not just because it makes me look smart while commuting on the train. I find the articles give me new ideas to bring up in meetings and networking coffees and keeps me engaged with new trends in business. Whatever your industry is, commit to some professional development reading this month .

Equity Podcaste from TechCrunch (

My most recent find. I've only been listening for a day or two but have found it an easy-to-digest overview of funding in the startup space. Maybe if I listen enough I'll finally understand the difference between an ISO and an NSO....maybe.

We'll be back next week to answer your HR questions.

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